About Us

    The Schoolof Basic Medical  Sciences and Clinical Pharmacy is composed of the Department of Basic Medicine,  the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Medicine Research  Center.Our college focuses on the investigations of pathogenesis of major  diseases,the efficacy and mechanisms of innovative drugs, rational use of  clinical medicines andpost-marketing re-evaluation, by integrating the  advantages of both basic medical  sciences andclinical pharmacy, along  with the support of clinical institutions. On the  basis of drug research, the college closely combines clinical experience to  achieve its academic leading role, to accelerate the commercialization of novel  drugs, to elevate the competitiveness of originally designed drugs, and to  promote the development of pharmaceutical industry driven by  technologicalinnovations. The college will focus on the key scientific questions  of various subjects, and promote the interdisciplinary integration and  collaborative innovation. It will also strengthen  thecapabilitiestoresolvescientific problems such as the cause of major diseases,  rational use of drugs and precisemedicine, in order to improve its abilities of  scientific innovations and services. In addition, our college  will strengthen course establishmentin the field of basic medicine and clinical  pharmacy, and constantly improve its education. At present, the college is  committed to establishing thedepartments of Basic Medicine andClinical  Pharmacy,as well as the Translational Medicine Research Center.